Three Packaging Design Tips to Make Your Product A Success


Are you launching a new product but have yet to come up with its packaging design? Packaging design is instrumental in the success of a product and not something that you want to leave until the very end of the process. When it comes to packaging design of course you want it to be different, bold and unique, however, there are a few basic rules that we would recommend for almost everyone. Below, you can check out our top three packaging design tips that will help to make your product a success!
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Social Media Branding for the Long Term

Social Media Branding

It is no secret that nearly overnight, social media has revolutionized online marketing. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and even YouTube have given telemarketers and B2B marketing agencies new tools and a global reach to connect with new customers. Social media marketing is filled with challenges, however, and in the digital marketing world, nothing stays the same for long. Despite the shifts and changes in how social media is used as a marketing tool, there exists a foundational approach to engage with customers. This article will address three cornerstones of social media marketing – timeless strategies that produce results for social media marketing efforts.
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Should You Hire Someone for Local Social Media Marketing?

social media

Social media marketing is one of the most effective ways to promote a business. It’s a process that is particularly effective in reaching out to a broad audience online, regardless of geographical location. However, what if you are only targeting a local market? Does it make sense hiring a marketing company to do it for you? If you are only aiming to raise brand awareness or sales in Devon, for example, should you hire a company that specialises in social media marketing in Devon?
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Things Your Business Should be Offering to Attract Customers

Attract Customers

When you own a business, you know that customers are central to success. As such, much of your time is probably dedicated to marketing and bringing in new customers. However, while implementing a good marketing strategy is a crucial part of any business plan, there are other effective ways to bring in customers. In addition, retaining customers is cost-effective, leading to additional sales and reducing expenditure, meaning you need to focus on retention, too.

To help increase your sales as well as attract and retain customers, consider offering these additional things as part of your business.

More Shipping Options

While slow delivery options can prevent a customer from ordering, fast delivery is one of the best ways a business can outperform their industry competitors and increase sales. To improve your services, you could consider offering a range of shipping choices such as standard, next-day and collection, but this alone is not enough. Your delivery selection also needs to be competitively priced to drive sales. Furthermore, take lead from ecommerce leaders and offer cheaper or free delivery when customers reach a specified threshold, encouraging consumer spending.

Offer Perks and Incentives

Offering incentives is a proven method for bringing in new customers. It is also an effective way to show your existing customers appreciation for their dedication to your brand. Depending on the type of business you own, you could offer anything from discount codes and reward schemes to mystery item bundles and freebies. Not only does this strategy increase customer satisfaction rates, but it also encourages a sense of loyalty and makes customers feel obliged to ramp up their transaction spend.

Talk to Customers

In a world ruled by the internet, bad reviews spread quickly. So, even if you sell fantastic quality products at low prices with free shipping, customers are still going to be deterred if your service is lacking. Make sure to invest in your customer service, ensuring that you listen and talk to your customers.

Have active social media accounts where customers can reach you and interact with each other, offer online chat features enabling instant responses from your customer service representatives, and ask customers what they want and offer them the opportunity to provide feedback. If you utilise any of these options, make sure to show the personality of your brand and do not be afraid to relate to your customers on a personal level – there is nothing worse than robotic, automated responses.

In order to attract and retain customers, businesses need to listen to consider what their customers want. Offer better delivery, customer services and rewards to boost your company’s sales.

Benefits of Local SEO



The advertising landscape has entirely flipped with the rise of the internet and personalized marketing, and many businesses are focusing their marketing dollars on digital advertising. This system of digital advertising is often based on Search Engine Optimization. This process of doing seo work is intended to increase the online presence of a business, leading to increased sales and revenue. However, on a world-wide scale, it is nearly impossible to compete in this landscape. Large firms with international presence and bigger budgets are able to throw piles of money into their seo campaigns. In light of this, many firms are moving into local search engine advertising, in order to increased their competitive advantage. Instead of competing with thousands of firms worldwide, a firm might only compete with dozens of local competitors.


While things are looking a bit fierce in the international sphere, there are still local spaces where seo optimization can generate real returns. This guide to local SEO outlines some key points to consider in your online advertising efforts. There are several advantages to using a local SEO campaign to help boost your business. Keywords can increase your local search ranking. For instance “Volkswagon repair Sydney” is a better keyword choice than “car repair” as it will generate traffic that is more targeted to your region and target market.


There are many variations of keywords that a firm might want to test. In order to do this, a firm will need to select a variety of different options, and track which words and content are the most effective at increasing web traffic. Search terms that are region-specific or related to your target customer will improve your odds of be highly ranked in search engine results. Banner advertisements and other forms of targeted marketing will also improve by use of experimentation and testing. Facebook ads can be purchased relatively cheaply, allowing an entrepreneur to field test different images, ad copy, and incentives and be able to improve their ads using this data.


Modern firms will do better in the online marketplace if they can attract web traffic through quality content and social media outreach. Customers are interested in the “wisdom of the crowd” and websites like Yelp demonstrate our interest in collective ratings. If a firm is able to get customers to share or tweet about their product, this can be an incredibly effective marketing strategy. Consumers are weary of standard advertising copy, and are much more likely to take a recommendation from a “friend” rather than an ad. Social media contests and give-aways are other strategies of increasing brand awareness and buzz. Newsletters may seem old-fashioned in the age of facebook and snapchat; however, they remain an excellent option of connecting with devoted fans of a brand. Fashion retailers could try sending a lookbook or editorial, for example.In turn, this builds desire for their products, helping them achieve higher sales.


The marketplace has seen incredible change in the past twenty years, with the advent of internet marketing, perhaps at the expense of traditional advertising outlets. With that in mind, firms must readily accept these changes and any that might come to the market in the near future. Mobile browsing and purchasing is at an all-time high, and is exceedingly popular in the developing world. Social media trends are no longer separate from corporate performance, and brands must embrace their presence in the digital space. Search engine optimization efforts will help brands stay afloat, and the use of experimentation will ensure that these advertising efforts remain effective.