Awesome Ways to Promote Your Bar And Help Boost Sales

A bar can benefit from an array of promotions. Whether you want to increase foot traffic, profits, or customer loyalty, there are many ways to promote your establishment. These include social media, blogs, influencers, and even a dog-friendly evening. 

Social media

Social media is a wonderful tool to promote your bar and attract new customers. You can post videos to your YouTube channel or use online business directories to create positive reviews for your bar. Social media advertising is one of the easiest and least expensive ways to promote your bar and reach new customers. However, choosing the right audience to increase your sales is important. This means targeting customers of legal drinking age who can travel to your bar easily. 


Blogs are a great way to promote your bar online. You can share your recipes and experiences and create a newsletter and a dedicated email address for new subscribers. In addition to sharing valuable content, blogs can also help your bar rank higher in search engines.  


One of the best ways to promote your bar is to get in touch with influencers. These individuals are the best at handling social profiles, and they can attract more followers. They also know what to say about a bar and can help decorate your social media wall. This way, you can get more followers and eventually more customers.

Social media is a great tool to promote your bar, but it is important to know when to post. The most effective time to post an image is during the weekend when most bars are packed with customers. 

Local events

Hosting a local event can boost your bar’s awareness and provide free publicity. Many people are likely to share the event with their social networks, and it can even get local press coverage. The type of event you host will depend on your audience and the type of promotion you want to achieve.

Hosting a local competition will help you increase your followers on social media. For example, you can organize a competition for the wackiest drink idea or the best redesign of a classic drink. The winner can be awarded a prize like a free week’s worth of drinks or even a feature on your bar’s website or social media pages. Another fun idea is to use local influencers to help promote your bar. 

Sponsoring local events

Local events are a great way to promote your bar and gain new customers. There are lots of free events that you can sponsor, from local charity auctions to church functions. Sponsoring one of these events can generate a lot of buzzes and increase sales. Some great ideas include a flip-a-coin penny night, in which customers flip a coin to decide if they want a penny beer or a full-priced drink. Sponsoring a new band or album is another great way to attract new customers.

Social media is also a great way to promote your bar. Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram are great ways to interact with your customers and build relationships. You can also find influential local accounts and request partnerships with them. These influencers can have thousands of followers, so it’s worth trying them out to see which ones will produce the best results.

Creating a competition

There are several resources online, like, to help you come up with fun competitions that will bring your patrons together. For example, you could host a cocktail competition or a trivia night. This will bring customers in and help create a fun and inclusive atmosphere and build repeat customers. Creating a competition can also help you get your bar featured on social media by posting with the winners, showing off their prizes, and informing people of the next event.

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