Sales Techniques

The 5 biggest secrets to sell

1. Soprattutto we sell!
First of all we sell, the first people to buy your product or service, you must buy. What they’re saying, how you say it, how it presents and especially how it feels. See also means making the customer feel important, secure and relaxed.

For this you need to invest in them. The appearance counts for a lot of sales in the world, because you will begin to sell even before opening your mouth. And later, speaking with the customer will continue to sell your image.

Be clear when you speak, you speak in a simple, clear and safe you will give the image of a professional.
Do not talk to the customer, but talk with him. Do not let go long monologues, look for the box.
Make your presentation, but the protagonist of your story will always be the customer, not you or your sales.

2. The ‘Listening is an art

Listening is one of the things that many people seek, even unconsciously; many are looking for someone ready to listen and to make him feel important.

Wait a second before you speak, a second is short, but tells the person you’re talking about that you paid attention to what he said.

Listen to the words, but use your eyes. Note the body language of who is talking, what is your attitude? It is relaxed, anxious, sure?

Look at your partner’s eyes. You should try to establish a rapport with the customer. However, you can not do that if he talks to you while you watch the monitor of a computer or something. You need to look into the eyes who speak to you.

3. Ma must also speak
To make a good presentation of a product will need to write a full speech, then cut in half the presentation, leaving only the most “powerful”. We usually say a lot of unnecessary things that do not affect the customer and often bored. Stating the facts and always put the customer at the center of the presentation. Do not talk any more than necessary!

Beware of jokes, if you do them, make them up yourself. In this way you will avoid offending someone and help to establish a connection with the customer.

If your presentation using PowerPoint slides that appears and make sure that they are appropriate to the sales presentation. If you tell a story or want to excite the imagination with the client to display slides avoided with rational numbers, graphs and percentages.

4. La sale is emotion
Today the customer has replaced the basic needs of food, shelter and clothing with two great desires: to feel appreciated and respected. In other words, to feel important. This is the key to the sale.
It starts from the name. You will need to pay close attention to the name of the client. Write it in the wrong way or worse call by another name; you will demonstrate that you do not give importance. It is the name of each of us, when used correctly, one of the most useful expressions in the sale.

Go to the heart of the matter. Remember, people buy the certainty of not having to worry about buying, be sure that what you buy offers you something that will get better and not cause problems. In other words, people buy the facilities. You have to sell is comfort.

During the conversation, others praise, praise your customer, but never yourself or your product. During the negotiations the client thinks only of himself, what it means to buy for him, as it will be that object, which will give you benefits.

During the negotiations, always use good manners, “thank you”, “customer name” and “greetings to family members” are the best weapons to start or to conclude a deal.

5. Ispirate confidence
A good rule of business is “if you do not get the first 5 minutes, it was already late.” Punctuality is to tell the customer “you are important to me,” punctual shows that you are reliable and predictable. If your clients will trust you will increase the perceived value of your products.

Be methodical in terms of schedules, habits and behaviors. People must know who you’re dealing with. Do not be moody and try to avoid mood swings. This increases the feeling of safety and comfort perceived by the customer.

Providing help and assistance to vendors who work with your business. If you have sales staff or employees, be interested in them. Help them when you can and involve them directly in the activity. All of this will reflect positively on your business and your customers. A seller who cares about the business work better.

Certainly for some people to adopt these simple “measures” necessary to sell, can be awkward, but I assure you that the only way to grow the business and move forward in life.

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