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How to Take Your Business Marketing Strategy Next-Level

Running a business is complex, requiring a great deal of flexibility. Growing your business is just as daunting, and your digital marketing strategy should be a top priority. In order for your business to thrive in a world so reliant on excellent digital marketing, your skills need to continuously evolve. Let’s explore a few important tips to boost your digital marketing capabilities.

Advance and Refine Your Skill Set

A good digital marketing strategy is critical to the growth of your business, and this includes developing both your hard skills, like analysis of the success or failure of your current strategies, and your soft skills, like creativity and innovation. Without the hard skills to determine how you are being perceived and received by customers, you will be unable to understand and act on the data you gather. Without soft skills like the ability to conceptualize and execute original content, you will find it difficult to connect on an emotional level with customers.

Change management is critical to your success. What is change management in project management and why is it important? An example of change management is a long-term project with a team of employees. While the project might get underway quickly, if you lose a critical team member, you must be able to pivot your tasks, timelines and goals to meet your deadline and still provide a quality product. Change management requires you to grasp how the change will affect the team, and communicate it effectively to your team. With good planning and communication, it should be easy to shift plans successfully. Businesses unable to deal with change management typically don’t last long in the quickly changing world of e-commerce.

Stay Up to Date on SEO

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is a great way to stay informed about what content your customers or potential customers find engaging. SEO styles and methods are designed to exist in flux, creating room for entrepreneurs to mold their content to the needs of the business, while maintaining good visibility on the internet and creating a voice for their brand. Read the highest ranking SEO articles online, take a free online course or download an app to help you track the success of your SEO strategy – and never stop learning! 

Explore the market

One of the best ways to enhance your digital marketing strategy is to stay tuned-into what is happening in your market space or vertical. Regularly perform searches for your competition or businesses you admire, and incorporate the elements of their strategy which enhance your skills and product. A thorough knowledge of the market you would like to dominate will give you the best chance of success. 

Be Aware of the Latest Trends

Don’t be afraid to take risks and try new things!  In a world where everyone has a digital marketing strategy, it’s critical to create original and compelling content to engage readers. 56% of global businesses have plans to invest heavily in content creation in the upcoming year, as statistics clearly show that 72% of companies confirm that their content marketing increases leads and customers. Look for gaps in your content creation, like a lack of videos or blog posts, and fill those gaps!  Worried about the quality of the content? The only way to learn is to try! 

Understand Analytics

Typically, some personality types gravitate toward statistics and analytics, and some toward creativity and creation. Excellent digital marketing requires a happy medium between both skills. If analytics is your jam, rock on!  If analytics is not your thing, try downloading an application that will do your analytics for you, or pull in a more experienced team member to show you the ropes. 

Enhance Content Writing Skills to Write a Compelling Message

One of the biggest marketing challenges in 2021 is creating content that generates leads. COVID forced many traditional businesses to close their physical doors and open new avenues of communication on the internet – making clear, concise and creative writing critical to their future success. Consumers are significantly more likely to choose a vendor with a well-organized and written, original and informative content, than they are to choose a business with poorly written material.

They simply want to know what they are getting, and who they are working with. Misspelled words or plagiarism indicates to customers that the quality of your work will be just as slip-shot as your marketing material. Working with a team to optimize your content before you post it will give you a broad range of varied experience, and a few sets of eyes committed to the success of your business.


The coolest thing about content marketing is how flexible it can be – and this is something you must embrace. If you want your business to be next-level successful, you must create a next-level successful digital marketing plan, and follow through!  Collect free or even paid resources to help you boost your digital marketing skills, and insist on your peers doing the same – and remember to be flexible!  Getting comfortable with change and ambiguity could be the difference between the success or failure of your business.

Sales Strategies

How you create a successful advertising strategy that maximizes sales potential

Do you want to increase your sales and drive more visitors to your website? How about a promotion? When marketed well, promotions are ideal strategies for reaching out to both existing and new customers.

A promotion creates an explicit buying incentive for your target group. It creates a sense of urgency for casual visitors to complete their purchase. It attracts bargain hunters and encourages the undecided to finally click on “Buy Now”.

You can also achieve long-term growth with a promotion. With the right marketing plan, your promotion can attract a new group of buyers and turn them into long-term customers. But first you need a strategy to create and publish your promotion.

How you create a successful advertising strategy

8 tips for developing a strong advertising strategy

Most promotions have 2 main goals: increasing sales and maximizing market presence. When developing a strategy that is aligned with these goals, here are some tips to keep in mind.

1.      Keep promotions simple

A high response rate is likely if your promotions are easy to understand and actionable. The simplest strategy is to discount the item for everyone. If you cross out the original price on your website and add the new price, perhaps in bold, the benefits of the promotion will be easy for everyone to see.

Another option is to use discount codes. If you choose this option, you need to make sure that the discount code is easy to use. Customers don’t want to have to search for the code when they’re on your website.

The discount code should be clearly visible in an email so that recipients can easily find it again if they forget to copy it. Think about posting the code on your website too so it’s easily accessible.

2.      Combine products

One way for businesses to sell more products is to offer two or more products at a combined price that is less than the total cost of each item if purchased individually. Merchants often use this strategy to bring a product that is not selling well to the customer by combining it with a popular product.

Let’s say you sell jewelry at $ 20 per pair of earrings and bracelets at $ 10 each. The earrings sell themselves, but nobody is interested in the bracelets. If you were to sell a pair of earrings in a set with a bracelet for $ 25, you could reduce the inventory of bracelets and potentially attract more loyal customers.

A famous example is Nintendo, which sold 100,000 additional consoles as well as more than a million game cartridges when it bundled the two items.

3.      Reward customers to drive orders

You can increase the average value of your orders by offering a free item when a customer reaches a certain purchase threshold.

A popular version of this strategy is conditional free shipping – the “Free shipping from $ X” offer. One article explains that free shipping would increase the likelihood of buying online for around 80% of US customers. If you’re getting a lot of orders valued at $ 60, you should consider offering free shipping over $ 75.

If you can’t afford to offer free shipping, that’s fine. Choose a small free item that will be added when a certain threshold is reached.

4.      Reward top customers with special offers

Some analysis of the data suggests that existing customers spend 31% more than new buyers and that they are 50% more likely to try a new product. You can strengthen this loyalty by rewarding your most spending customers with tailored offers.

4. Reward top customers with special offers

To get even more out of this strategy, encourage your best customers to share their experiences on social media. This is a great referral reward opportunity.

5.      Change products and homepage

Many retailers view merchandising as a strategy for local trading, but it’s just as important for e-commerce. Your customers get used to your side. If you rearrange them and add new visuals, you will draw attention to your promotion.

Consider moving your home page and product pages when you start your promotion. A good place to start is to revise your homepage and put the advertised products in the foreground. You can also revitalize each category and individual product pages, highlighting not only the advertising, but also accessories, add-ons or popular related products.

6.      Promote product reviews

Reviews are important to many customers. A study shows that nearly 95% of consumers read reviews before buying. Compared to a product with no reviews, showing five reviews on the retailer’s website can increase conversion rates by up to 270%;

Before posting your promotion, make sure that your products have good reviews. In the meantime, start collecting original reviews. A particularly effective technique, especially when introducing new products, is sending products to customers and asking for reviews. With their permission, you can publish them on your product page.

Buyers can also give you reviews. Through automated product follow-up emails, makes it easy to collect reviews from current customers. All you have to do is add a review request to a recently purchased product, perhaps with a link to the reviews on your website.

You can also include links to third-party review sites. Don’t worry if not all reviews are great – studies show that negative reviews can help build trust and lead to up to 85% more conversions .

7.      Try different promotions

Different target groups respond to different promotions. Consider doing A / B testing, a simple and effective way to understand how your audience is reacting.

In the A / B test, 2 versions of a campaign are sent, e.g. B. a percentage promotion versus a monetary promotion.

8.      Make yourself unforgettable

Consumers have advertisements in their inboxes and social media feeds on a daily basis. It’s important to stand out as a brand, preferably with a personal touch. You may want to include a thank you card or a free sample in the package to please your customers.

Promote promotions

Now that you have the inside knowledge to develop a strong marketing promotion strategy, you can focus on promoting the promotion. Raise awareness to maximize your sales growth.

Email marketing may have decades of history, but it hasn’t lost any of its clout. A 2015 research study found that for every $ 1 spent on an email campaign, an average return of up to $ 38 could be achieved.

You can use advertising to make your e-mails even more attractive to customers.

Promote promotions

Expert tips: As an added benefit, offer your most loyal customers early access to the promotion.

Social media

Social media ads and organic posts can spread your promotion among new and existing customers. Address existing customers and look for new customers with similar interests. Mostly important, your customers are active on social media. Therefore, you shouldn’t miss any opportunity to make your offers stand out.


In the age of automation, it is easy to set up messages to address customers who have not ordered in a long time. Maybe someone filled a shopping cart and then decided not to buy it, or maybe the person just browsed and then changed their mind. A promotion can bring many of these people back. These people will then receive special emails encouraging them to complete their purchase.


In today’s digital world, postcards can make a big impression.  You can easily create promotional postcards and send them to your loyal customers. Postcards don’t get lost in their email inboxes and the sensory engagement makes the buyer feel special. Postcards are also a great way to target an audience with personalized offers.

Turn new customers into existing customers

Promotions are tried and tested strategies for attracting new customers, but it shouldn’t stop there. Now that you know how to get people to buy, it’s time to get them regular customers.

Loyalty is an important factor in making repeat purchases. Here are some key tips you can use to convert new buyers into repeat customers.

Tagging new customers

The more you know about your new customers, the better you can personalize the messages for them in the future. Make sure to tag all new customers who visit your website during your promotion. Tag them based on what they are buying and consider adding an “Engages with Promotions” tag.

Expert tip: Use your audience tags for better conversions to personalize future communications. Segmented, targeted, and personalized email could generate a significant amount of revenue, and conversions can increase even further with more personalized page views.

Send welcome emails

Welcome emails are a great way to build relationships. If you don’t already, add an option on your checkout page where customers can give you their email address and sign up for future emails. Send a welcome message to everyone who registers. Think about how you can make a great first impression on your new customers.

Expert tip: If you set up automation to send welcome emails to new customers, you can be sure that those messages will be sent consistently. Better still, it will happen with no continued effort on your part.

Maintain communication

Your new customers should keep hearing from you after the promotion ends. Use the tags you’ve set up for these customers to send personalized product recommendations.

Through your connected store, you can predict what your customers will like so you can send emails with product recommendations and encourage them to make repeat purchases.

Put your latest products and bestsellers in the foreground to generate interest. This invigorates the interaction with the customers and ensures that your brand is present with the buyers, which helps you to increase your sales.

Get started with your promotion

With these tips you are ready to start designing your promotion and spreading it.

Start with your Audience dashboard. See who your customers are and which segments you want to reach with your promotion.

Then go to your website and add promotional content. If you have a website on you can create an unlimited number of landing pages for the promotion.

Get started with your promotion

You can create effective multichannel marketing campaigns. You can use these campaigns extensively with you reporting functions. You will find out where the most engagement arises, who reacts and what your customers have in common. By reviewing this information after your campaign, you can continue to optimize your advertising strategies.

Promotions are a powerful way to increase sales. The key is to come up with an attractive offer, market it intelligently, and follow up in such a way that customers old and new will stay loyal to you.

Your customers are waiting. It’s time to create a promotion that you can’t resist.