Sales Techniques

The 7 points of sale

What, who, where, what, when, how and why? These are the 7 questions that every man must stand and note sale to meet its goal of selling.
The art of selling is a very old craft, but the sales techniques are continuously updated as are thousands of variables that the market presents.

The significance of the 7 items listed above is as follows:

  1. What? The knowledge of good that’s about to be sold;
  2. Who? Means identifying the user of the asset and what are its present needs and latent;
  3. Where? Regards localization, the area where the customer is the actual or potential;
  4. How much? And the determination of the quantity of goods that can meet the needs of customers;
  5. When? Is finding the time when the needs of that client may occur;
  6. How? It is the way, the technique, the strategy with which to satisfy the customer need and thus make the sale;
  7. Why? Are the reasons, the reasons why the sale was not made? This is the question that must always be not to make the same mistake twice.