Sales Profession

11 Reasons to Go into the Sales Profession

What is paradoxical about this situation, in which we find ourselves, with a rampant crisis and unemployment levels never before known, is that with more than 20% unemployment in this country, companies are still looking for good professionals trained in the areas of the sales and marketing.

We are in a situation not experienced to date, and that for that reason has caught us lacking in preparation. Companies have lost a good market share due to a decline in consumption and an excess supply generated by the past good times, and they are now looking for professional salespeople, willing to return them to desirable market shares.

For this reason, companies are looking for professionals who are willing, not only to carry out a job effectively, but also to have attitudes towards the client that make them interact regularly with our company.

 Go into the Sales Profession

They are demanding prepared people, with a bomb-proof ego, persevering, decisive, tireless and willing to stoically bear the denial that the market will transmit to them at this time.

Until 2008, growth was relatively easy for companies, since their own inertia within their sectors helped them to acquire their own market shares.

But currently, clients no longer call with the intensity of yesteryear (except those who want an improvement in the conditions to continue working with us), now we have to go to convince them that our proposals are better than those of our competition, than our Articles and services offer greater and better results.

But in order to carry out this work we must be prepared, and in turn prepare our staff. It is now when good salespeople justify why they are.

Along these lines, I dare to affirm that of the global set of that 20% of unemployed, it is difficult to find good and trained salespeople. We will be able to find good professionals in many subjects, experts in endless fields, technically trained to guarantee quality work, but sales professionals and commercial experts will be difficult to find.

If on any occasion through no fault of his own, a good sales professional lost his job, the first thing he would do would be SELL HIMSELF.

If you have lost your job but consider yourself a good worker, methodical, disciplined, enthusiastic, think that there are companies that are willing to hire people like you for a world full of possibilities, such as the commercial world.

And finally, let me give you 10 + 1 reasons to dedicate yourself to the exciting world of sales.

11 Reasons to Go into the Sales Profession;

High degree of autonomy, you decide how to do your work, how to organize yourself, how to be more effective. Your degree of responsibility is high, but the trade-offs are worth it. No one will question anything while you achieve the proposed goals.

Free hours, there are no schedules in this job. You decide when to work, how much to work and how long you need to achieve your goals. You organize yourself as you wish and with all the dedication you consider necessary to succeed.

There is no unemployment in the sales sector. It is the sector of activity with the highest demand. If there is someone who says that he is a commercial and that he is unemployed, he does not deserve the professional category of “salesman”. As we say in our profession. “When a seller does not have to sell, he” sells “himself.”

Good economic retribution. We are rated higher than most qualified professionals. We create wealth for the company we work for, and companies are aware of this. As time goes by, we are still more profitable and earn more. We generate more net income than anyone else in an organization.

Added values, we have many added values ​​that are only available to the staff of the companies. (Allowances, expense notes, telephone, company car, etc.)

The most dynamic profession, it is the most dynamic there is between job offers; there is no opportunity for boredom. It is the profession that keeps the person who performs it young and agile (with the permission of athletes and physical educators).

You meet new people constantly. You meet new people permanently, away from the routine of the same faces every day within four walls for 8 hours of work. In each negotiation an opportunity to enrich ourselves with the knowledge that other people can contribute to us. Behind a door there is always someone interesting

Great promotion possibilities, many of the executives of the companies come from the sales departments. The companies are aware of the importance of our contribution and reward us with real possibilities of internal promotion.

High demand for professionals, 35% of national job demands go through the marketing and sales sector. Companies are constantly calling for people prepared and motivated to sell.

And every month, you pay double. Each month we can have a fixed salary and variable commissions, and in many cases, other strategic incentives as a reward: trips, gifts and even rappels at the end of the year for objectives achieved. It’s not extraordinary!

11: Everything in this life needs to be “sold”. Whatever you are, think how you think, whatever you do, all your desires, your projects and your needs, you have to know how to “sell” them. To your acquaintances, your partner, your friends, your boss, your clients, everyone with whom you are in contact, you try to “sell” something every day.

We live in a world of reciprocal influences; we are influenced or influenced by others. Why not know the rules and regulations that govern the world of influence? Why not know how to influence, how to “sell” our ideas? WHY NOT BE BETTER AT THE TIME OF “SELLING” ourselves? Why not be better when it comes to “INFLUENCE”?

Prepare and train for sales, there is a world of possibility within the any industry waiting for you.