How Interactive Technology Stimulates the Participation of Attendees in an Event

How are event production companies using interactive technology to optimise attendee participation in events?

As an organiser or event manager, you are sure to find new ways to innovate and achieve the greatest impact on the public.

The surprise factor and an impeccable execution are essential. So that everything goes perfectly, we cannot skimp on resources and should always consult the best audiovisual consulting professionals, to ensure the best possible event outcomes.

The behaviour of the public during an event is an indicator of how the event is progressing. Are they interacting? Are they committed and participating? Is the audiovisual content attractive?

Attraction is one of the main objectives and, for this, there are techniques and recommendations that can help us connect with the attendees. Would you like to know how interactive event technology helps you increase participation, entertain and get the feedback you are looking for from the those attending your event?

How to take advantage of interactive technology in your event?

Mobile apps that encourage participation

If we communicate through messaging applications, play games on mobile and spend the day connected, why not use these channels to also give more life to your event?

Develop an ad hoc application that encourages the participation of attendees during the course of the event. You can invite them to vote, spread comments on the networks, upload photos, invite other users, play among themselves and overcome challenges … the field of applications is infinite, and you can develop as many options as you can imagine.

The result is both the possibility of collecting big data (contacts, preferences, profiles, etc.) and the viralisation of your brand.

Stands that promote public action

At the stands, everything is not selling or offering commercial presentations. Use interactive content that entertains and promotes users’ perception of your brand.

Why not propose activities on your stand taking advantage of the capabilities of audiovisual technology? Some examples could be touch screens to facilitate the consultation of content or the use of immersive glasses for virtual product experiences.

An important aspect to keep in mind is to create a more relaxed, simple and friendly exhibition environment that invites the public to stay for a few moments. With this, they will be in our corporate universe and we can easily open the window of a sale.

Sweepstakes and promotions

Include tablets or an interactive totem as support in strategic points so that the public at the event leaves its data and participates in raffles. This is another way to significantly increase your database and get valuable information that you can then exploit with big data tools that will help you define patterns of behaviour, profiles, etc., and based on these establish improvements and address your clients in a more accurate way.

Social networks

It is impossible not to mention the power of social networks to increase the engagement of our event. Take the opportunity to create a hashtag that brings together the entire conversation and enhances the media relevance of the event. Even consider integrating into big screens activities that generate posts about the event in social networks.

Expert event production companies can help you achieve optimal results at your next event, with the creation of audiovisual content and infrastructure and they will be able to advise you to how to apply the best interactive technology in your event.

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