Three Packaging Design Tips to Make Your Product A Success

Are you launching a new product but have yet to come up with its packaging design? Packaging design is instrumental in the success of a product and not something that you want to leave until the very end of the process. When it comes to packaging design of course you want it to be different, bold and unique, however, there are a few basic rules that we would recommend for almost everyone. Below, you can check out our top three packaging design tips that will help to make your product a success!

Think About Shelf Impact

One of the great things about hiring an experienced packaging design company such as to create your packaging is that they will not only be able to produce your vision, but they will also know where to advise you on what makes great packaging design from a shoppers perspective. While in the office you may think your product looks fantastic, looking at it in this setting is very different to then seeing it on a supermarket shelf surrounded by other similar products. When you flip this around and think of it from the consumers point of view rather than just simply your own, this can help to influence the design greatly. As a consumer, you are never seeing a product alone for the first time and as all products are normally laid out across shelves, it takes real stand out packing to grab their attention. Distinctive products will always garner more attention and this is known in the industry as ‘shelf impact.’

With shelf impact, graphics designers may test and explore a few different designs to see which one attracts the most attention. This can be a real eye-opener, as the design that you originally thought looked the best could simply blend into the crowd amongst the other products.

Think About Expansion

When creating a product and its packaging design, it is easy to become so wrapped up in this one thing that you forget about other long-term goals. For many within food and drink manufacturing, this will be introducing new and exciting products further down the line. When creating your packaging design, it is important to keep this in mind as your concept should allow for an easy introduction of new products to that line. This is the easiest way to ensure that your future products will slide into the rest of your branding and won’t create confusion on the shelves for customers!

Is It Practical?

Packaging design is not only about what is on the label, it is also about the shape, functionality and the size of the product. This element of packaging design can often be overlooked by novices to the industry as they will normally stick to the status quo and follow the crowd. However, this is a fantastic opportunity to get creative and think of new ways in which you can make your product easier to use and store.

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