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6 Ways to Increase Efficiency at the Office

Are you drowning in paperwork? Do you constantly miss deadlines or forget appointments? Here are just six ways to reduce your mistakes, improve your performance and increase your overall productivity at the office.

1. Organize Your Desk

Stop wasting all that time rummaging around for paperclips. If you keep your desk tidy and organized, you’ll know where everything is when you need it, and you’ll also get a psychological boost by the orderly nature of your possessions.

2. Hang a Bulletin Board

Bulletin boards will keep you from forgetting important names and dates. You can buy the old-fashioned kind if you’re just looking for a reminder wall, or you can invest in something like WizardWall for added brainstorming and note-taking features. Shop today  for results tomorrow!

3. Take More Coffee Breaks

It may sound counterproductive, but taking breaks from work can often help you work better when you finally return to your desk. This is because you aren’t stressing or slogging through your tasks; you’re coming to them fresh, alert and with new perspectives every time.

4. Go Paperless

If your inbox/outbox looks like a war zone, it may be worth your while to go paperless. Not only will you save money in things like folders, printers and other paper supplies, but you’ll also have better storing and prioritizing options through a digitized system than a real-world one.

5. Stop Procrastinating

Yes, it’s easier said than done, but it’s also less difficult than your mind makes it out to be. Here’s a simple solution for procrastinating: if it can be done in less than five minutes, do it right away. Don’t put off simple tasks that will accumulate. Just do them.

6. Open the Windows

This is a neat psychological trick that will work wonders for your entire team. Natural sunlight is shown to boost cognitive processes much more than artificial bulbs, so the next time you’re in a creative nut, throw open the blinds.

These are just a few ways to boost performance and employee engagement at work. There are many more, but these should be enough to inspire new ideas of your own. Good luck!

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