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How to choose the first task of the day?

The first task of the day has an important impact on the rest of your workday. Choose it may well be decisive for a major part of the remaining tasks.

Deciding how to start your working day can have a significant impact on the rest of the day. The first pulse has a major impact on the productivity and effectiveness of all the tasks that follow. If you start on the right foot means you can take one step after another. You’ll be more motivated by what you’ve already taken an important stone ahead just start your day. Recommended Read: How to Sell More, Sell Your Attitude

Otherwise you waste time wondering why time has passed and we have not achieved anything. This can generate such a vicious circle because you give so many laps preventing you from performing any task effectively. You just pretty much as the day started. So the question is: how to choose the first task of the day?

Think of your most annoying tasks and start with that. It is not necessarily to be as urgent but should be what concerns you most at the time. If you do not start with that job you always run the risk to distract you while you’re trying to do something else.

Do not even pause when you’re done with the first task. Give a good first step is essential but not enough to finish the rest well. You have to gain momentum to give you a hard drive to attack the rest of the tasks. You should not make mistake to choose your first task which is very important for sales professionals.

The first task of the day can be decisive for the rest of the day. If you’re not lucky to have chosen well and do not advance do not despair. You still have time to do things. What you have done has not been done. Do not look back but to focus on the remainder of the day. What is achieved today as great and the rest will be done later. It will give time for everything. It’s about to get…

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