Sales Techniques

Words that sell

How many times have you wondered: “But what words should I use?”, “What are the words that convince?”
Here are some words that marketers consider most suitable for promotion or advertising of a product.
These are words that have the power to lead the consumer to buy a product or service, combined with these words, effective sales techniques and a clear and attractive, can be an effective tool to advertise and sell a product.

Whenever you visit a client or present your product, you should try to use these words during the conversation and the promotion of the product.

But do not abuse their use, “words that sell” should be used carefully in the other person must receive a message of nature and not a message “built” specifically for influence.

Some of these words:

  • Wallpaper: This word has the power to awaken the senses; everyone likes to receive something for free. The ways to use this word are numerous, for example: buy a product, the second will be for free, buy a product, you will receive free a nice gadget.
  • Discount: If the object is not completely free of charge to the customer will certainly very pleased to receive a discount. A discount is surely an opportunity for the buyer. For example: we offer 20% discount.
  • Savings: If there is free and there are discounts if the savings are certainly as good a spring. For example: This product will save you 30% of energy, with this service you can save your time.
  • Guaranteed: Everyone wants guarantees when buying a product, want to be sure of purchase and be protected in case of malfunction. The product then must be ensured! For example: we offer a guarantee of 10 years.
  • Tested: if a product is tested means it has been “proven”, it means that the customer is assured of operation, namely that the results are verified.
  • Restricted (Limited): If a product has a limited supply then must necessarily be an exclusive product and can be a good opportunity to stand out from the crowd (how many products are advertised as a Limited Edition?). And even if a promotion or a product is only available for a limited period of time, it’s probably a good opportunity, you can not lose time, and you must buy it now! (Limited stocks, only 1000 pieces, offering up to  …)
  • Simple: today, no one wants to complicate the life or wasting time, everyone wants to do things the easy way and simple as possible, the product should be simple to install, simple to use, easy to pay.
  • Fast: just as you would like things simple, we also want things fast; they all have plenty to do and to go through the time and tyrant! Needed products and fast service. Fast delivery of product, quick results, saving time.
  • Results: We all want to see the results of our purchases, and if a product says that we will see the first results after 7 days because they do not trust him? Many products are advertised by focusing on results easily reachable in a short time through the use of certain products or services.
  • Best: All I want the best, those who do not want to have the best product on the market or the best service? The best word is one of those words that catch your attention!

The use of these words do not guarantee the sale of your products, because the final choice is made based on many factors such as clarity and attractiveness of the exhibition, product quality, company image, etc.. Etc… But for sure the use of such words may help encourage the consumer to choose your products rather than those of competitors. The use of such words can make the difference between a message that goes unheeded, and one that sells.

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