Sales Techniques

What ‘s Failure

People are not remembered for the few defeats of their lives, but the number of successes. Consider three questions:

  • Have you ever experienced a failure?
  • Have you ever taken a refusal as a personal affront?
  • Have you ever experienced a feeling of anxiety?

Imagine how far you can appreciate a failure, be entertained by a refusal to live well and anxiety.
Basically there are three types of people who try to achieve success in sales. The first are those who take to heart failure and rejection and therefore subjected to a high degree of stress, leaving the field soon. Many companies lose 20 to 60% of their sales during their first year of operation. There are people who want to excel. They place great expectations in the work, persistence, and eventually reach their goals. 

These people, however, perceived failure and rejection as a personal affront, and their economic success is too often accompanied by adverse reactions, such as hypertension, drug use, alcoholism.

The third type of person is the one with which you would like to identify yourself.These people want to succeed and have high-level expectations. However, they have developed a unique kind of reaction against the lack of success, rejection, anxiety, therefore, deprived of these feelings even for one day, become nervous and uneasy.

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