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Trading “Win-Win”

Negotiating can be compared in some way to adapt to change, being a diplomat and never to bring your partner to lose face. Think of it as an ally, never as an opponent. If you treat your partner as an ally, he will be tempted to become one. Make sure that at the end of the talks also your customer is happy, and if the negotiation fails for any reason, offer a pause for reflection, but never abruptly break the deal. With this method of negotiating win-win can be traded in an efficient and stress free.

Negotiating Win-Win is a marketing strategy based on achieving an agreement favorable and beneficial to both parties.

Win-Win negotiation with both the buyer and seller come out winners from the negotiation, then, thanks to this marketing strategy will get the most pleasant transactions, complete and lasting.

Here we see what are the 7 key benefited that are obtained using the Win-Win negotiation.

1. With the Win-Win negotiation you avoid making enemies. Strive to build a network of suppliers, customers, employees and consultants who work amicably with you. People who are always trying to squeeze the lemon until the end, negotiations in the so-called “Win-Lose”, often leave dissatisfaction nell’interlocutore who took part in the negotiations.

2. With a Win-Win approach often comes before the conclusion of the negotiations, as both sides strive to reach an agreement.

3. The Win-Win process benefits from the creative efforts of the two parties to work together on a single problem to find a solution compatible with the interests of both parties, instead of having two opponents firmly on their positions.

4. The two parties, together, form the basis for a lasting collaboration. Once you establish a climate of trust, the relationship is beneficial to further negotiations.

5. The Win-Win Agreement with respect to a happy ending imposed agreement. In many cases, if the other party comes out a loser from the negotiation is going to undermine the relationship. Often negotiations Win-Lose-Lose Lose soon become because the relationship between the two parties may break and just one win during a negotiated compromise future agreements.

6. The Win-Win is more effective. This approach has the advantage of motivating the parties and closing the deal and to open a new route of communication between the parties.

7. Win-Win Negotiation is pleasant and less stressful. This last point has nothing to do with purely economic interests of the company, but less stress is a guarantee of greater efficiency.

To conclude we can say that the negotiation “Win-Win” is first and foremost a business philosophy based on understanding and cooperation, capable of creating value and wealth for companies that use it.

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