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Before looking at how successful people live well with adversity, we consider a kind of experience that could prove more dangerous than failure itself. Often the fear, i1 thought, prediction of failure as the failure to immobilize him. The reverse is also true: the expectation of success is galvanizing the same success. Similarly our enthusiasm is not blocked by the fact of experiencing a failure, but by fear or the expectation of failure. I remember, for example, a newspaper article about a paratrooper. During a launch, the parachute did not open and he is completely in a panic not even attempt to operate the parachute. As a prophecy that draws strength from self, fear can make us act in a way that it happens exactly what we fear most. In other words, the paratrooper, in a panic, was not able to think and act correctly. Fear can freeze.

More recently I read another article about a paratrooper. He tried to open the parachute once without success. Then he pulled the emergency cord, but not even the reserve parachute opened. At the height of 3000 feet, he had to think to himself: “Damn!” or something very similar.

If any of you have experience of skydiving will be aware that the instructions in the event of difficulties in landing say they try to touch the ground in a forward position with respect to the feet and groped and then immediately roll or tumbling acrobatics, this way of looking at avoid direct impact with the ground. The parachutist that we were talking about, after a flight from 3000 feet high, on impact with the ground and only just broke his ankles.

Reported abrasions, bruises, wounds but only one broken bones. She had followed instructions to the letter. The man who died could have survived and one to which you would not have given any possible survivors. We will discuss not only the challenge of facing adversity, but also how to deal with fear, thought and anticipation of failure.
Imaginable hot summer days and an inviting swimming pool. Tap water is cold and you find it. The thought of being in water makes you change the decision. Still, if you taffeta, once past the first moment of cold would be happy and refreshed.

For sale the same thing happens. You are eager to succeed, but most think of what could happen, the more you stay inactive. Pick up the phone and the handset is ‘heavy’ in your hand. However, once made the first call, even if the potential client has not given you a lot of hope, are acting. After a few more phone calls you will get a “yes” and you end up with the right incentives and a positive situation.

In summary, you can not fail. In fact, the failure does not exist. What exist are the experiences that do not respond fully to meet your expectations and what you have to ask: “What have I got? What was the positive side?” Think about the positive things you got from those experiences that were not performed exactly as you wanted.

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