Sales Techniques

Reach a situation of double success

Get a double success means that the seller has been successful in selling and the customer in buying. If you give your customer the feeling of ‘winning’, surely you will get more orders from him. If the sale gave the impression of a victory by the seller on the customer, the closure has not been satisfactory, although the result was positive.

If the customer proves insecure in making the final decision, means he’s afraid of something. In most cases, this fear stems from an incomplete knowledge of the topic. The customer must be enabled to be brave enough to take the decision. Then you have to reassure him and help him overcome the fear of change.

  • Recognize the signals transmitted by the client
  • Develop a list of arguments

If you follow a careful planning, you will find yourself in front of the right person at the right time and with the right product or service. Using the formula of double success you will see that the deal will boost automatically and will result in a closure. If you ensure that the client is ‘ready’ for the conclusion, will close almost a formality.

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