Sales Techniques

Program the sales negotiations

The closing of a deal those results in a positive way should be considered as whole sales negotiations conducted with success. In fact, to maximize your chances of receiving a positive response and minimize those be told “No”, you create a series of assumptions that lead to a positive end. This means creating the right climate from the first contact with the customer. With this, I do not mean that you have to ask the order as soon as you step in, but you have in a sense put the client in a position to say “Yes” right from the start. Note that both think in positive terms from the beginning to the conclusion of the negotiations.

The principle to follow is the following, in English is called the ‘Six P’: Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance Possible (a good presentation avoids a possible poor performance):

If you are not close by promoting competition

If after working to identify the potential customer, contacted him, aware of its problems and explained how to solve them, not even close, you have done nothing but prepare the customer to buy the next person who will make a proposal: you can be sure that someone will be in competition.

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