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Expectations, Perceptions and Reactions

Success and failure are synonymous

These are experiences. The difference between success and failure can be expressed in three words: expectations, perceptions and reactions. Luck and the positions of the stars are not the factors that determine our life, victory and defeat, to be accepted or rejected, euphoria or depression. The results however depend on our reactions, which are caused by our way of perceiving reality and stem from our expectations in that regard.

A student takes eight as a vote, another student gets a six, which one rejoices, and what is discouraged? The child who took eight is depressed because he expected a ten. The second child is happy, because I think I got five or less. The experience makes us so aware of our value.

Similarly, consider a seller who has made 12 cold calls, received 12 negative responses one after the other and decided that for the rest of the day will not make more phone calls. She will be placed, perhaps read the newspaper or a telephone call to friends to plan their weekend, but carefully avoided any further opportunity for discussion and any risk of failure.

Another vendor, but will need 30 “no” every morning to be happy. What is the origin of these two diametrically opposite reactions? This is our own perception of reality, resulted from our expectations.

The reactions affect our emotions

Our reactions trigger our feelings. Have you ever experienced a feeling of discouragement? It possible that your frustrations are due not to what has happened to you, but what your reaction. Changing the way you react, you can change your mood.

To illustrate this here is the true story of two sisters, an alcoholic, the other completely sober. His father was an alcoholic and both were asked the same question: “Why did you become who you are?” The answer was the same: “What cans one becomes an alcoholic father?” Here’s proof of how we are not the product of our environment, as it can affect us, but the product of our reaction to this environment. Changing how we react to change our way of thinking and being.

However, if you can not change the way they react; try to assess your perceptions. If you think you have a problem and you feel discouraged, you can try to change the mood by reading the newspaper. Almost certainly, before they reached the third page of someone who has read a mess bigger than yours, so big that you would change places with him for all the gold in the world. You’ve probably never had a problem of this magnitude so far, and if you disagree, try to revise your perceptions of what is the reality, and how it can be difficult. Simply changing the yardstick of what has happened you can change your reactions and, consequently, the way you feel. If you can not change your way of looking at what has happened to you, you have another option: you review your expectations.

Behavior and results

They are the last two terms to be taken into account. The results you get, such as how much you earn, are a direct consequence of your behavior, and act differently depending on how you feel. Each of us can follow two courses of different emotions, the wave of enthusiasm you feel active, courageous and willing to take risks. If you keep yourself in this mood, the results will be significant.

On the other hand, even the most optimistic there can be crossing a negative period, the feelings are in this case of depression, depression, bad mood. When these moods have over our behavior is cautious and defensive. The results, which are good, are minimized. The challenge is to control the flow of emotions.

Emphasize the word emotion for the next day when you feel down. Then change your expectations for the day, the perception of reality, or at least your reactions to it and you can reverse the situation.

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