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An experience that help to develop

Which brings us to the second advantage of the failure. Consider the four statements below and choose one:

  • The failure increases your level of maturity and makes you realize what to do to get better results.
  • Negative experience is formative.
  • The rejection is the negative signal that you need to understand what must change.
  • The failure is a source of creativity and gives you the opportunity to try new ideas.

You would not feel as if you had known before slaughter as it was likely that this happens. Now you have more confidence with life’s difficulties.

You should get to the point that a negative experience can upset only because it is less understood than they had imagined. And from this experience you need to learn a lesson: “… You do not think to succeed just because you have a certain charm? It may be that you are not yet mature as you think you be able to cope with the difficulties that arise and that you had not programmed. Now do not start to feel depressed, frustrated, defensive and defeatist ideas. You deserve the success. Maybe you just need to face some problems still, overcome any obstacle. ”

What better than offering a failure, to experiment with new ideas? Imagine for example being at lunch with a potential customer and have the impression that there are no further problems. You understand that it has developed a good relationship with this person. You’re probably thinking to try a new technique for closure rather aggressive with this customer is ready to buy? Not the right time.

So, the only time that leaves room for experimentation with new ideas is the failure. However, in an attempt to avoid further difficulties, you may find yourself on the defensive. Consider two types of people:

  • Those who, when faced with failure, they think, ‘Oh my God, what I still have to suffer? “
  • Those who, in the same situation, they think: “What better time to experiment with new ideas?”

For example, a seller of life insurance has just learned a technique of closure is very aggressive. It is located opposite to a client with whom he attempted to close five times without success. Is not that the last technique, and decided to try it. It presents potential client to sign a letter, the letter says: “Dear Mirko, I listened to his arguments for five times and decided I did not buy any insurance on the vine.” The customer says, “Okay, I sign, but who will exhibit? ” The seller replied: “To his wife, when she is dead.” This technique is not one of the best, although it is difficult to judge the effectiveness of something without having first tried.

From today, so whenever you feel depressed for reporting a failure, ask yourself: “I learned something that I can put into practice?” Too many times people ask, “Why have not I been successful?” Each of us has doubts about their ability, at least on a subconscious level. If faced with a failure we ask, “Why can not I?”confirm our doubts, we forget our strengths and we lose our enthusiasm.

Gianni brings home a bad report card. His mother says that it will not sign it and show it to his father. He goes into the studio of his father, thinking to himself: “Because I had such tremendous results? Do not have a good method of study. I’m not committed enough, I’m lazy and maybe are not so smart.” So he says: “Dad, here’s my report card.” The father takes a look at the scoreboard and say, “Gee, boy, you do not have mica joking!”

Then, looking better ratings, the father gets angry and explodes, saying: “You have no method of study, the school does not interest you, you’re lazy and stupid!” As I leave the study Gianni is no longer any doubt. E ‘firmly convinced that he will never. From now on, when you have a failure, think of being lazy and stupid. When you succeed in something will think: “It ‘was an accident or a fluke.”

Gianni’s father would not have had to reinforce the doubts that the boy had on his abilities. Sometimes we go back to being as vulnerable as children, while trying to start a new activity, or for example, we ventured into other activities. At some point, if we fail, we ask, “Why I got in this mess?”, Starting in this way to confirm our doubts and get ready to not try anymore.

Think of Thomas Edison, who invented the light bulb, but at first could not find a filament that would last long enough to make his invention commercially. Tried and failed thousands of times. One day they asked him: “Mr. Edison, tried unsuccessfully many times, not discouraged?” The answer was: “No, not at all, because I’ve had thousands of failures. I simply find thousands of solutions that do not fit.” With a positive attitude towards the failure of Edison today we have the light bulb.

Edison failed many times before finding a filament that lasted enough. And every time he asked: “What did I do right this time? Why the filament lasts two minutes? Because that lasts five minutes, how can I make it last seven?”

What is your attitude to failure? What do you think when something goes less well than you imagined? What thoughts go through your mind when you can not reach your goal in the time that you had planned? Your attitude towards failure determines your mood and quality of results you can achieve. In fact you can report a failure only by acting in two ways: by not trying or giving up. There are other cases. You get less than you expected. However, even in this case you will have some success. Consider your strengths and renew your enthusiasm by asking: “How I managed to get to this point?”

Remember the reasons why you have taken. Think about how you acquired the last customer, what are your qualities and how you have developed. Once you remember your strengths and renew your enthusiasm you are ready to try again.

Before you try take a break and ask yourself: “What can I do to improve?” It is essential that you succeed the first time. The important thing is that you become stronger, develop your skills and eventually arrive at the finish.

Here’s one last example on life insurance:

“Hi, Guido Rossi of Equitable Life. The might affect the purchase of life insurance?”
“I’m sorry, Mr. Rossi, but I have everything I need.”

What did I do just to be able to keep the conversation for three seconds? I found a partner: then try “Hi, Guido Rossi, the Equitable Life. The might affect the purchase of life insurance?” “I’m sorry, Mr. Rossi, but I have everything I need.””What did?” “I have insurance cover worth 10,000 euro.” “I understand, thanks anyway and see you.” What did I do right this time which made the phone call last nine seconds? I asked a second question. I was more successful, so I have more enthusiasm than before and try again.

“Hi, Guido Rossi, the Equitable Life. Would you be interested in purchasing a life insurance policy?” “I’m sorry, Mr. Rossi, but I already have one.” “What kind?” “E ‘insurance worth 10,000 euro.” “So I guess that does not intend to stay dead for long.”

Perhaps it is not an appropriate technique, but the only way to be sure is to try.And what better time to try new solutions when there’s nothing left to lose?

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