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Advantages of Failure

The first advantage of the failure is that this allows you to become stronger, more resistant, to create a sort of scar tissue around your character, to train your mind.

A boy of seven years and his brother were injured in a fire. They had to stay in bed for more than three months, and one of them died. Nine months later, despite the burns, the leg of the surviving brother was in fairly good condition to enable him to walk with crutches. The first day without crutches was painful for the boy. Nevertheless, he tried to camminale a bit ‘more every day, until you get to walk almost normally. But it was not yet satisfied his classmates teased him, and he still could not run like other children. Every day, clinging to the tail of his horse, walked miles and miles in the fields until he could run again. But that was not happy, and be like all the other boys continued to train every day. Several years later, on the track of Dartmouth University, Glenn Cunningham beat his world record of a thousand meters. Here’s what you can get proving themselves.The problem is that not many have faced a real experiment a failure or refusal real.
As the metal is forged from high temperature oven, in the same way our personality is formed by the evidence we have had to bear. A grain of sand inside an oyster penetrated can cut it as a failure, a waste, it can hurt our feelings. Of course, the oyster can transform the irritant into a precious object. Similarly we can transform the negative moments of life into strengths.
Continuing the theme, here’s another true story to a child of seven years. He was alone in the yard when he saw an owl asleep on one of the lower branches of a tree. Intrigued by the idea of ​​having a new playmate of the little boy quietly went to the tree and grabbed the owl jumped to their feet.

The animal, frightened and began to peck at his arm violently. Pain and terror to the boy slammed the bird to the ground several times and ended up killing him.Shortly after, disappointed and in tears, while burying the animal, he began to think: “How could I make live animal instead of killing them, and make people happy rather than sad?” Imagine a little ‘who spent whole life to give life to animals and make people happy? This is the story of Walt Disney.

Another anecdote. An angelic-looking little English boy brought a message a day at the police station on behalf of his father. The officer decided to follow the instructions of the card and took the child to a corridor on which gave the cells, let him in one of those empty, closed it and went inside. Ten minutes later the policeman returned, he did go out and explained to him that that was what happened to naughty children. Gradually the child’s fears increased and they were turning into a neurotic. As time passed, he realized he is about to become a psychopath and he tried desperately to stay sane. Who spent his life to exorcise their fears by creating horror stories? This is the story of Alfred Hitchcock.

The story of Glenn Cunningham, Walt Disney and Alfred Hitchcock show how the past is not determinative, but rather our ability to positively respond to and solve our bad experiences.

When a person is faced with a divorce, or the failure of his firm, these painful experiences make it weaker or stronger? It depends on us. Many people take a decision without being aware of it, and choose a negative reaction that will lead to anxiety and depression. The next time you try a disappointment, choose a positive reaction, which help you to become more resistant.

Think about what are the factors that determine success. What are the key characteristics of successful people? Some think that the main quality is his enthusiasm. Of course it is important, but until that point, then if a person is not able to address the possible failure?

The more emotional you are, you will have more opportunities to develop interpersonal relationships. But an emotional and enthusiastic person is also more vulnerable to those who might be his hostile. On the other hand, some vendors seem completely devoid of emotion, cold, and expose the facts in an analytical way. Their emotional coldness can protect them from attacks by people unkind or insensitive, but their lack of enthusiasm will create difficulties in their interpersonal relationships.

So you have three choices, two of which have problems and the third is the solution:

  • Be enthusiastic, develop interpersonal relationships, but be vulnerable to hostile people.
  • Being emotionally detached and therefore less disturbed by any refusal, but with difficulties in establishing a good relationship.
  • The ideal: to get involved emotionally and establish a good relationship, in the face of negative reactions to maintain a positive attitude until you get a result.

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