Sales Techniques

The characteristics of the Seller

There are many emails asking us what are the main features that a seller must have to succeed in this profession. Often we read of super aggressive sellers and hungry, ready to do anything to close a contract. In the following nine points will try to list those that we think are the main characteristics of a good salesman.

Schedule visits / phone calls

The best sellers are trying to maximize the number of visits or phone calls to customers. This does not mean it 15 instead of 10, but to program every single visit to the opportunity to score an order are higher. Each visit must be planned as sales and customers are not all alike, so you need to concentrate and look at the product with the customer’s perspective. Before the visit, think about what you want from that visit and what the customer expects from you. Think of what may be the differences between you and the customer and change your presentation to avoid them and make your offer more attractive.

Check Your Emotions

If you are calm and positive everything will be easier, you will be safer, you will find the right words, and will present your offer easily and painlessly. In short, no matter if just before you got a ticket for speeding or if you have an argument with your partner during your “sale” forget everything and concentrate exclusively on the customer.

Manages time

Most salespeople spend most of the time on the road and often there is no one that organizes their work, so to avoid wasting time must have a ‘careful management of time. Only a ‘careful planning of the work can make fruitful the working day. The seller, therefore, must organize their time, schedule appointments and manage their day and focus on priorities.

Create Rapport

The report is the process of creating and maintaining mutual trust and understanding between two or more people. A good salesperson should be able to create a rapport with the customer, this is probably one of the most important skills that a seller must have. No matter if you sell a great product or if you make an excellent presentation, if you create a rapport, an ‘understanding, a feeling with the client, the deal probably will not end with the sale of the property.


We often think of the seller as an incurable talker who tries, with the only talking, placing anything to the customer. In fact, the ability to listen to the customer is another key skills for those who want to pursue this profession. Only by listening to the customer can understand and identify its needs, understand what are the characteristics of the product / service really important to him and what could help it. The preparation of a presentation and questions to ask the seller to allow potential customers to focus on listening rather than on the wording of the subsequent application.


The questions that are addressed to the potential customer are designed to obtain more information about the customer and to identify possible needs. Only by knowing what are the real needs of the customer can bring the products, focusing on the benefits that really matter to him. Through the use of questions during the negotiations we will find out the key points that will bring us to closure.


The correct mastery of language is another key feature. For language we do not mean just the ability to speak correctly, but also the possibility of using the “word” to sell. A product made with the right words will be more attractive, an objection will appear as a well managed advantage. During the conversation can be “moved” the customer’s attention on some items, you can minimize the shortcomings of the product and make the offer important advantages.

Ability to close

To no avail all these characteristics at the end if the seller has not closed the deal. It may seem strange, but many sellers will miss out on large orders just because they did not dare, or because they did not understand what was the right time to close. Needless to extend into rivers of words, even if you still have much to say, even if you have a thousand other proposals and bids to be submitted, when the right time comes close without hesitation.

Professional Skills

Complete the profile skills, be familiar with the industry and the product / service you promote, the seller can offer its customers not only a product but a true counseling. The customer acknowledges that the seller’s advise and guide you leave during the sale.

Only time and the daily practice of the sale will allow you to use all the features above unconsciously, all actions will become healthy habits and close a deal without thinking.

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