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To achieve its objective, the seller, it is important to have a sufficient number of contacts to enable him to make the sale or close a deal. Every successful salesperson needs to widen the circle of their relationships by establishing or expanding their network of customers.

In fact, what I noticed is that many sellers with limited time to sell to their customers, thus limiting its range and earnings.

What should a seller is to expand the horizons of the reports and potential clients.
If you think you have a large enough number of customers you can avoid reading the continuation of this article.
One of the most common syndromes in the sellers is the syndrome of lack of customers. This syndrome occurs when you run out of the circle of its clients and for various reasons are unable to expand this circle so as to ensure a satisfactory volume of sales.

This unpleasant situation can cause a frustrating lack of motivation that can also lead to the renunciation of ‘as judged unattainable goal.

A professional sales at this point, it needs to define who is his client and what may be the possible sales channels not yet explored, and armed with good humor and professionalism go to “hit”.

The type of client depends on the type of product you’re working with, begin by making a list of your potential customers, start with the most neighbors and acquaintances and then expand the frontiers of research. Create a list of at least a hundred people / customers to visit. Must be known to sell and promote their products, the number of options open to you are different and depend only on your creativity, determination and flexibility. Hand out samples, brochures, send mail and organize cognitive meetings. Establish a daily plan of activities and weekly or more visits (Plan d ‘action), bearing in mind that such visits allow you to reach your goal. If there is a commitment without getting any results, change your strategy for action (flexibility).

In preparing your plan of action do not forget your existing customers and make sure that they are satisfied with your work and, over time your customer base will be a solid foundation for your business.
One of the best strategies to retain customers is to prepare a file for each customer that you are selling something, the card should record the name, address, telephone number, what products to buy and what was involved, but did not buy, the date of sale. The information may be useful to include some personal or family characteristics of the customer. Usually we have more information the greater the chances of success.

Many successful sellers, after the sale, call their clients whether they are satisfied with the products purchased, showing professionalism and concern for the welfare of the client.

So keep in constant touch with customers and expanding the circle of relationships will increase exponentially the chances of getting the desired results.

Successful salespeople usually have some characteristics / features that they share:

  • He likes to meet new people
  • He likes challenges
  • Define who the potential customer and try to reach
  • They have total commitment to the Action Plan
  • Keep existing customers active

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