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Preparation for sale

So far we have seen how to set our action plan to widen the circle of contacts and succeed in your mission to sell. Now, I will tell you who your most important customer, one who can change your life and the way you sell, well, that customer is yourself!

You and only you can radically improve your sales negotiations, believing in the product, placing in the ideal emotional state and having a technical training on the product.

In fact, all the preparation required can be summarized in these three simple steps:

  • Technical Training
  • Confidence in the products
  • Ideal emotional state to sell

Technical Training

Technical training has to do with the knowledge of the products we sell and the terms of payment and delivery of the same.

Often companies offer their sellers technical training on products, if there is an offer, ask the company on information, often a visit to the company and a conversation with the technicians can help clarify some doubts about the product or service that you are going to sell.

The attendance at courses, conferences and trade shows, you gain knowledge that will allow you to study technical solutions for the customer, also knowledge of the topics that you are going to expose you will have more security during the conversation with the customer.

Confidence in the products

To sell something you must believe in what you sell, so during the negotiations you must be convinced that at that moment, you’re not just selling a product, but are offering a solution, solving a problem.

Have you ever talked to someone who believes in what he does or what sells?

Surely the answer is yes, because that person has affected the motivation and the strong conviction with which you spoke.

So, for starters it takes preparation, confidence in the product and above all be sure that the product or service you are selling is able to meet the needs of the customer.

In fact, some think that a good seller is someone who sells a lot, and this is partly true, but the important thing in sales, to increase the number of customers and retain existing customers is to offer solutions. If the goods or services sold are not valid, your customers not only buy more from you, but also lose confidence, and negative information circulating may put a strain on your business.

Every good salesman sells so that her client is satisfied with the purchase and has no regrets and remorse.

Ideal state to sell

Another important point is not negligible and the emotional state of the seller at the time of sale. It does not matter if, at other times, it was timid, grumpy or you think “are what they are.” When you are at work there are some features that are vital and that makes the difference.

So if you do not have these innate characteristics. It is necessary to prepare and prepare for sale, learning to get into the “Party” when you are in front of the customer.

Richard Bandler, creator of NLP, identified that the ideal state is to sell a mixture of three states:

  • Humor
  • Resolve to act
  • State of seduction

Well, if you have all these features, you’re lucky, use them. However, if your profile is not reflected in any way, do not despair, with the calm and goodwill you can learn everything.


Good humor is important if you have to work to sell something, you must be a born comedian, it’s important to be positive, and convey a positive mood and also the one who speaks to you. Probably will happen to you to buy something from a seller … grumpy and negative image that is left of him? She returns to buy from that seller? The answer certainly is “NO!”

The humor is greatly increased his chances of being remembered as an interesting person and with which it speaks nicely. Be careful, do not need to tell jokes, it’s important to be smiling and jovial, always remembering to be consistent with your way of being, with ethical values ​​and the messages you want to send to the customer.

Each of us has any problem or concern, but when we work we will strive to maintain a smile and treat all customers with a positive attitude, regardless of the customer in front of you.

Resolve to act

This is a basic feature that every vendor must have, especially the vendors that must begin in the first negotiation. In fact, as is usually the customer who comes into the shop looking for a location to buy and the seller accepts it, for many sellers do not, for they have to do the ‘initial action in search of a potential customer.

Therefore, it is the seller who must act and not hesitate, as the outcome in many cases can be detrimental to the achievement of results to be achieved. Should be involved and take action, achieve and conquer small pieces of something bigger, “success in selling.”

Do not wait; do not be deterred by ‘no’ when you get your business, go talk to your customers! Each of them could take you much higher earnings than those already achieved.


Entice the customer. This phrase probably has already heard several times in seminars, courses and conferences. The same companies invest a lot of money in advertising campaigns, training programs and quality of service offered, with the sole purpose of seducing the customer.

But as the seller can seduce the customer?

Well, just remember what you went through the mind and how you have behaved all the times he wanted to seduce someone interesting or attractive. Remember the desire and the motivation that impels you to fulfill the wishes of that person to engage and draw it. When you want to win something or someone, change the posture and the involvement, motivation and, consequently, multiplies the results.

To capture the customer must seduce and involve, without force, since the customer must be aware that its decision is the result of his right choice.

Once able to attract someone, we must act with great responsibility, selling products or solutions and cultivating the relationship with the customer, our goal goes beyond mere sales. What we want is to establish a lasting relationship aimed at selling more products and services over time.

At this point you’re wondering how you can use the three states (sense of humor, determination to act the rule of seduction) at the same time.

Before you start selling, take a moment and do the following:

  1. Imagine the client as an interesting person
  2. Think of the sale as if it had been carried out
  3. Find a way to have fun during the negotiation

The first step you will work with the desire to seduce, the second point you will act without hesitation and the third point will make the selling process more enjoyable. The first few times you do this exercise will seem bizarre, but then becomes easier with practice and the results will not be long in coming.

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