Sales Techniques

Introduction to the Course of sales

Would you ever work without knowing what will your monthly salary? It ‘difficult to accept a job, work hard and gets paid later this month that it is not considered satisfactory.

Unlike traditional jobs, often, the seller is himself author of his own income. In fact, this activity is primarily dependent on the income from the effort, dedication and commitment efforts of the seller.

Of course you can make predictions about the likely reward that will be perceived. To define it, we must also take into account a number of external factors such as: the type of product you sell, the area of expertise, the exclusivity of the product, competition, etc.. Etc…

But here, in this short but intense course of sales, ignoring the external factors that do not depend on ourselves and focus our attention only on us.

What are our goals?

To be successful in sales you need to know what the goal to be achieved is. Success is getting what you want!

By focusing the goals, you already know what you want to achieve and we will see in later chapters how to get there.

After establishing what is the goal to reach and making sure that this is an attainable goal (it is unnecessary and counterproductive to ask yourself impossible goals), it is time to ask what you are willing to do to reach that ‘goal. We know that nothing we are honored, so if we want something we need to know what is the prices we are willing to pay to get it (the price of success).

Being committed to a goal also means doing everything possible so that we can reach it, be prepared for the weather and storms, looking for something which for us is more important than staying holed up in our safe haven and welcoming. During the journey you must always keep in mind four pillars: commitment, flexibility, action and results.

‘S commitment to ensure the persistence necessary to deal with obstacles, the flexibility will be essential to finding solutions, the action to put into practice, all this without ever losing sight of the results to be achieved.

Many people fail to achieve their “dreams” not for lack of ability, but for lack of effort in pursuing what they want.

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