Sales Techniques

Create the ideal state of purchase

To create the ideal state for the purchase should give birth in a deep desire that the customer will purchase the product service.

It ‘important that this step advances the presentation will happen later.

Perhaps you think that means persuading the customer, and in fact is partly so!

From the first meeting with the client, since you have caught his attention, you begin to create the ideal emotional state to conclude the deal.

In many cases the desire is created even before, through catalogs and advertising which arouses the desire to buy the product.

Now, this time before the exposure of the product should be used to create, expand and strengthen and realize the desire to purchase.

I am the customer

To do this you need to understand how customers feel and what they really are, and begin to think of something that you wanted very much and then fortunately you were able to buy. Think of something that makes you happier to have purchased. It can be anything from a book, a CD, a pair of pants or just something that you really wanted and then be made.

Think back to that time, you had the will, the strong desire that drove the purchase of this product special for you.

What did you think of this product? Maybe imagine using and feel good, or maybe you looked at your neighbor so happy with that product to show a hint of envy.

When you have finally bought what was how you felt?

Maybe it was a dream comes true, or maybe it was not so special, but you’re happy with the thought of owning it and can use it. Perhaps you proud of your purchase and the decision taken.

Keep in mind all these feelings!

Motivating the customer

How do you create the ideal conditions for the purchase?

Simple, you make him feel how you felt when you did before cooling off. Wake up the memories he had in previous situations, good memories, fun and exciting.

To do this we need to be creative and ensure that the customer will return to a previous state in which he strongly desired a product that was then purchased. Should incorporate all the sensations he felt at that moment, if you can find out what was the object of desire, you can use the product name and remind him how nice it was purchased.

Surely to do this takes practice and belief but the results will definitely extraordinary!

There are also other ways to motivate the customer to purchase, but this is definitely one of the fastest and most effective.

During this phase, watch for signs of consistency and agreement, these are good indicators of the state where the customer is located.

Once the client is in an ideal condition for the purchase must go to the presentation.

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