Sales Techniques

After sales

Negotiations culminating in the sale of a product or service are the start of other activities. By the end of the sale will begin a more sustainable and long-term customer.

To this end, it’s important to keep an updated registry customers, each customer should be given a card upon which to write down the important information about the customer, the date of visit, products purchased, etc.. Etc… It is also necessary to maintain strong relations with customers, by means of successive visits or telephone contacts. After the purchase to ask if it is satisfied with the product and why it is more or less satisfied, and then to propose other related products or services to which the customer may be interested. Finally, remember that if you can quickly resolve problems that may arise after the sale certainly be able to retain a customer and to ensure future sales.

Another important activity directly related to your  sales goals is to maintain an active organization of financial

You need to know at the end of the day or weekend as you sold, what was your useful and what your sales target is.

Unfortunately there are still many sellers who do not make this, but I guarantee that helps to understand where you are with the work and especially to focus on future goals.

Also must consider that in this way you can check the amounts received (commission) is correct and what you’ve earned / spent to achieve the objectives.

The financial organizations of a seller (in outline) are very simple and just keep up with expenses made during the day and the commissions earned.

In this way you can monitor your income every day, week to week and adjust your work to compensate for periods when sales are scarce.

In addition, continuous monitoring of results will allow you, if you are not satisfied with the results, to be flexible and change the way of giving a turn to act the way you sell and market approaches.

In conclusion, after the sale you must:

  • Stay in touch with the customer
  • Organize the work
  • Check the performance

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