Seamless Services—The Benefits of Running a Business from a Serviced Office

Premium office space comes with an expensive price tag. Running a business in Hong Kong almost mandates to project a prestigious image that your professional address is very important. Between rent and overhead, though, you might find that you have drained your start-up costs.

The serviced office plan typically offers occupants the ability to rent office space that is fully furnished and comes with an administrative staff. Other perks of these plans are that they usually are in some of the most prestigious locations in the city or near high-traffic central business districts. To see where some of these offices sit, visit Servcorp’s website at More importantly, because the leasing company is pretty much responsible for the fit out, business owners do not have to stress about organising an office move.

To learn more about the benefits to the serviced office, keep reading below.

Lower Overhead 

One of the main reasons that professionals might find serviced offices a better option is because they are much less expensive to lease. In a conventional lease, renters are required to pay for the space, any utilities, cable, and phone, on top of furnishing the place. Initial start-up costs can really take a bite out of your budget. Then, after your office is set up, you have to hire a receptionist. With serviced offices, your costs are lowered because many of the amenities that you would pay for independently are included in the cost to rent the furnished office.

Flexible Leases 

Another great benefit to these leases is that they can be tapered to your business’s needs. As opposed to having to pay for amenities that you might not need, your lease can include only what is required. Furthermore, as your business grows or scales down, your lease can be modified as well. More significantly, though, these types of contracts do not make you commit to a lengthy lease, which is especially disadvantageous if you are not sure whether or not you are going to remain in the area. Some leasing companies require as little as a month’s commitment, and a few of the companies have transferable leases that allow you to relocate globally. The leases, for the most part, allow you to tailor your office to your needs.

Quality Equipment 

These offices are usually outfitted with professional grade furnishing and IT equipment. The offices are usually situated in high-rises that are routinely maintained throughout the day. The fit out itself often features furniture that you would see in most corporate offices, and the technological fit out is world class. Many of these leasing companies not only have the standard computers, phone, and answering services, but they also have video-conferencing capabilities. Essentially, you do not have to worry about the added cost of outfitting your office with the latest technologies because it is already provided.

Testing Markets 

Another great benefit to the serviced office is that it allows professionals the ability to seek out other markets without incurring a lot of expense as it relates to opening a new office. Because the leases are shorter and can be modified, you can test new markets, and if you find that the business is not seeing any growth, you can easily scale back your operations without breaking your lease. With a conventional lease, conversely, you would be locked into a lease that would penalise you for not remaining in the contract.

Tailoring Your Serviced Office 

While the serviced office has been on the business scene for decades, it still offers professionals many advantages. In terms of saving money, you save thousands on operating costs monthly. However, the greatest feature of the serviced office is that it leaves you with the flexibility to tailor your office according to your business’s needs.

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