Television Stands or Mounts: Which Work Best in the Office?

It’s important to keep up appearances in an office space, to show off both a sensible and completely professional environment. After all, you want to foster the best possible work behaviour from those using your office space. However, it can be a little tricky, especially when you get down to the little details regarding how best to accomplish said task.

A good example would be the question of how best to use products such as televisions and the like. While it would certainly be great to invest in the more expensive models, sometimes the smallest details such as whether to use a stand or a mount can be difficult because they both have their pros and their cons. We’ll be having a look at the advantages you can receive from either stands or mounts so that you can make the best possible decision for your office space.

Why choose a stand?

A proper stand can breathe a lot of life into a bland environment, especially if you pair it with an expensive television. There’s a reason why it’s often called a display stand, and that’s because of how well it shows off the television. If that wasn’t enough, by going with a stand you’re making it much easier in the long run because you’ll be able to easily reposition it anywhere you wish. This also works great in a school environment for similar reasons. Overall, it’s a practical decision to make, though it might end up becoming a little more distracting than some might like.

Why go for a mount?

Compared to the stand, the mount doesn’t quite show a television off as well. However, it makes up for that by making it seem like a completely professional decision. Imagine entering the conference room for an important meeting, and watching them roll up the television on its display stand – compared to entering the room and seeing the television already mounted on the wall. There’s a level of professionalism here that can’t be achieved by the stand, which makes it an optimum choice. It also has the extra advantage of making even cheaper televisions look quite good.

When it comes to which one you should go for, while both have their advantages, the clear winner is the mount. There’s a lot that a high quality TV wall mount can bring to the table, and it can’t be overstated just how much it can improve your office. When it comes to the mount, it’s not so much the look but the overall feel of having it on the wall. It’s efficient, it’s professional, and while the stand has its advantages the mount simply does a better job overall.



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