3 things you didn’t know about humanitarian organisation Human Appeal

For over 25 years, Human Appeal UK has been providing emergency relief and aid to thousands of people all over the world – but what exactly has it achieved in this time? In this blog, we take a look at three things you didn’t know about the humanitarian organisation.

1. It has delivered 10.3 million kilos of flour across Syria

Since 2011, Syria has been in an ongoing state of conflict and unrest. As a result, food production is at an all time low. It’s estimated that the harvest is approximately 1.5 million tonnes, which is much lower than it has been before. Currently, over nine million people are food insecure, and as the harvest declines, the price of food spikes, meaning many families simply cannot afford to eat.

Fortunately, Human Appeal is doing what it can to help. Over the past six years, the charity has delivered 10.3 million kilos of flour across Syria as part of its flour distribution project. Up to now, it has been able to reach nearly four million men, women and children. It has also helped to keep bakeries up and running, enabling these businesses to pay their employees a stable income.

2.It has provided clean, safe water to 50,000 people in Yemen

Aside from the continuous cycle of violence, Yemen is in the midst of a deadly outbreak of cholera. The conflict has damaged major parts of the country’s infrastructure, meaning that many civilians are without access to basic necessities such as a clean, safe water. Instead, people are forced to use dirty, contaminated water, putting their health and wellbeing at risk. But the problem doesn’t end there. For those that fall ill and require medical attention, healthcare aid is in short supply. With less than 45 per cent of the country’s hospitals functioning, those that are open are overcrowded, leaving vulnerable individuals without the help they need.

With staff and volunteers on the ground in Yemen, Human Appeal is providing first-hand response and aid to those who need it most. So far, the charity has delivered clean, safe water to nearly 50,000 people across the the country, as well as improving the sewage systems and removing rubbish from the streets in a bid to slow and eventually stop the spread of disease.

3.It sponsors thousands of orphaned children all over the globe

In developing countries around the world, there are estimated to be around 200 million orphans. Too many children are suffering as a result of war, political upheaval and natural disaster, being stripped of a happy, normal childhood. A lot of children have no choice but to drop out of school at an early age, and others face malnutrition, disease and abuse.

Human Appeal believes that every child deserves to be happy and healthy. As part of it’s Little Human Appeal campaign, the charity has set out to ensure these children are secure, safe and have the support they need, providing them with an education, food to eat, life-saving medical care and clothing. The organisation sponsors children all over the globe in countries such as Lebanon, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Palestine.

For more information about Human Appeal events and projects, you can check out its website at www.humanappeal.org.uk.

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