How to Turn Your Blog into a Business

If you’ve been blogging for a while, you’ll know what a great hobby it is. Blogging is a wonderful way to make new friends and contacts, share information, and learn new skills. However, you may have also noticed that many people are now turning their blogs into a profitable business. Some of them are doing incredibly well. If you want to join them, here are some things you need to do.

Grow Your Social Media Profiles

Social media is a quick and easy way to grow your blog and create a recognizable brand. To do this, you first need to make sure you are using the same logo and color scheme across all platforms. The best way to grow social media profiles such as Twitter and Instagram is to be an active user. Comment on and share others posts. They will do the same for you. On Pinterest, be sure to pin unique content, not just your own, and not just re-pinning.

Make Sure You Have Consistent Growth

A great month isn’t going to be enough if you are aiming to work with brands, writing sponsored posts or reviews. Your growth needs to be consistent. Speak to the wider blogging community, and see if you can write guest posts that contain links back to your site. Give them the same opportunity on your blog. This is a great way to build links, network, and introduce your blog to a wider audience.

Increase Your Subscribers

You might have plenty of visitors, but not many subscribers. Which isn’t all that uncommon. How many blogs do you subscribe to? Probably not as many as you read. Make subscribing as easy as possible. Have an option near your comments, as well as in your side bar and possibly even a pop up. Try not to be annoying, however, too much will put people off coming back.

Check Your SEO

Remember to check old posts. You probably didn’t know as much when you started as you do now, but these posts are still part of your site. Make sure everything looks good, uses keywords and meta descriptions, and that your pictures have titles and alt text. Also, use your site from a smartphone and tablet to make sure it offers the same user experience across platforms.

Make a Media Kit

A media kit is what you will show prospective clients, brands and people you want to work with. It needs to showcase the best of your blog. Make sure to include your branding, and some great photographs from your blog. You’ll also want to include your blogs stats, your social media followers, a bio of your blog, a short list of topics you cover, some examples of your work, and testimonials from those you have worked with. Lastly, don’t forget to include your contact details and website address.

Consider an MBA

Having strong business skills will help you massively. Studying an online MBA will equip you with all the knowledge you need to grow your business, including marketing and business planning. Look at online MBA options, and research online MBA questions people ask before deciding if this is the right path for you.

Blogging should always be fun; whatever you do, don’t let turning it into a business kill the fun. If it does, something needs to change. Remind yourself of why you started.

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